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MBRP Snow | FAQ's
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- Why should I buy an MBRP Silencer?

MBRP offers the largest selection of bolt on silencers. Improves throttle response, a deeper throatier sound and offers large weight savings over stock. MBRP has the most dependable and reliable silencer with the best warranty in the business.

- What is the difference between the Race, Standard and Trail can?

Trail - Sound is a deeper tone exhaust note, just above stock level

Standard - A mild throaty sound during idle, but when you open up the throttle a deeper more aggressive sound.

Race - A very aggressive sounding silencer that will turn heads, a great deep sound that is throaty.

- Do you make a silencer for the 440's or the 550 fans?

MBRP does not make any silencers for the 440 or the 550 fan models.

- What are the weight savings?

Weight savings depends on the silencer- For example, the Rev silencer #1160309 shows in the last 2 digits that there are 9lbs in weight savings from the stock silencer.

- What is your warranty?

MBRP silencers come with a one year manufacturer's warranty. If you find a deficiency with our silencer, you must return it to the point of purchase with your receipt. The unit will then be sent in to our tech department to inspect to ensure this will be a warranty claim/coverage.

- What are the decibel readings on these cans?

As there are many different riding conditions that are available to our users, MBRP Inc does not quote specific db levels. MBRP silencers do produce more decibels than stock, although we alter the sound to a deeper tone. If concerned with the sound level, it is our recommendation to purchase a trail or standard canister.

- Do I have to re-jet or re-clutch my machine?

When developing a silencer, we use stock brake specifics meaning that we do not alter your stock jetting or clutching to gain the performance that we do. We have found that riding at extreme elevations and temperatures may warrant a jet or clutch change. It is important to us that you remain as dependable and reliable as stock with our silencer.

- What material do you build your cans with?

MBRP uses quality T304 stainless for the shell casing and mandrel bent tubing coated with a rust inhibitor. The internals of the silencer are constructed with both a stainless steel wool and a tightly woven cloth material.

- How do I become a dealer?

Go to www.mbrp.com. Under the dealer tab on the home page there is an application form. Fill this form out, submit it and that will start the process. Click here to go there immediately.

- I bought an MBRP can and it is not fitting?

Verify the silencer by retrieving the scribed numbers on the stainless body of the silencer. Contact our customer service department for more information.

- What is the difference between the SDI silencer and the HO?

The SDI (Semi Direct Injection) has a sensor adaptor plug into the silencer. The HO does not have this port hole into the exhaust.

- Where is the closest dealer?

Check our online list of current dealers by State or Province. Click Here.

- How can I tell if I received the right silencer?

Check scrolling on silencer to verify the correct part.

- How do these silencers mount to my machine?

The MBRP silencer uses the stock mounts and springs. There is no cutting or welding necessary to fit this to your sled. They are a direct fit and install in minutes.

- Is all hardware included for installation?

Yes, you will however be using some stock parts to install. Any additional parts needed for install are supplied with the silencer.