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Part #  427T209$269.99

2012-2012 POLARIS PRO RMK 600

Polaris's Pro RMK 600 sleds represent the finest in snowmobile technology with state of the art features that are pushed even farther with an MBRP silencer on board. This trail canister delivers a rich, mellow rumble lower in the power band but even at 4000 rpm maintains a lawful 88db. Its stainless steel casing is long lasting and looks great while laser cut components ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.

Boosting performance by 2 HP and shedding 7 pounds of weight, expect an added dose of excitement as you carve through those winter trails. MBRP's proven craftsmanship and commitment to quality means that your MBRP can is as dependable as stock but a whole lot more fun.

Check out MBRP's full range of silencers, headers and snowmobile accessories or call us toll free at 888-636-7223.

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